What age should you start infant massage?

There are no set guidelines regarding the minimum age for when to start baby massage. However, most parents prefer to wait until their baby is about six weeks old when their routine is more settled and their behaviour is sometimes more predictable. 

We only ever massage babies when they are awake, happy and content. The older they are means longer awake periods and therefore, they are more likely to get some massage done at the class. 

However, attending from the early weeks means you learn then use the strokes earlier.  If baby isn’t ready to massage during the class, then the parent just gets to snuggle in and watch. They then take that knowledge home and massage when baby is ready. 

Baby’s past 4-5 months of age are more wriggly and usually way more interested in watching than participating.  It is possible to do some of the massage strokes while they sit or you get to sit with them and watch. Then when baby is more relaxed and there are less distractions at home you can use massage then.

So, anytime from 6 weeks to about 3 months is usually when we see baby’s and their parents.  You of course, will know your baby better than anyone – so it’s entirely up to you. 

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