Parents throughout the world have traditionally massaged their babies.

Massaging your baby provides an amazing opportunity to bond with your baby, and to meet the need for touch and affection that is so essential for the healthy development of babies.

Welcome to Baby Bond Massage

Maria Stevens has a long career working with children and parents. It all began in 1988 when she qualified as a Rangi Ruru Nanny. She has worked as a Nanny in NZ and the UK. In 2009 she became a Childbirth Educator and has been facilitating Antenatal and Post Birth Education classes for new parents. Her passion for caring for families took another turn when she trained with The International Association of Infant Massage, to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor in 2018.

Maria is Mum to three busy teenagers and used massage with her children as babies and through into their teenage years. Her daughter in particular still loves a face or back massage to help her relax and to sleep.

At Baby Bond Massage you will learn how to massage your baby over a 5 week course where we gradually add a new part of the body to massage each week, until we accomplish a full body massage. This enables your baby to take the time they need to tolerate a full body massage and you can both get the most out of each session along the way. You will meet other parents within a small intimate group and get to share parenting experiences and tips.

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